We're meant to be
I believe her
You foolish girl, don't you know? Love is weakness.

“Mas eu tenho um carinho infinito por você. Isso eu vou ter sempre, pro resto da vida.”
Azul é a cor mais quente. 


Maura is giving her a list of things that need to be done before the wedding and Jane is like yes I can do this wait what was the second one, why wasn’t I writing this down, she is going to be so pissed. 

“Momentos felizes constroem lembranças. Momentos difíceis constroem histórias.”
Skins.  (via quase-heroi)

"It could’ve gone that way."

Regina: “So, he’s happy?  His life is good there?”

Emma: ”Yeah…I almost didn’t come back because of that.”

Regina: “Then why did you?”

i know what you’re all thinking. that if this works, it might kill me too. but even if it does, you have to stick through with it. stick with the plan

         the plan is to save you. that’s the plan i’m going with.